Baby Making: The Itty Bitty Knitty Committee Sweater

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Is there anything more cozy than knitting when the weather starts to get cold? Maybe it’s the motivation to have something cozy and warm to wear or maybe it’s just an excuse to buy more yarn. Either way I’ve officially determined that knitting baby items is way more fun/cute than knitting for myself. For my first knitting project of the season I decided to try my hand at knitting a teeny sweater for the lil butter bean. Introducing the Itty Bitty Knitty Committee Sweater (an ode to episode 15 from season 5 of Bob’s Burgers). This was my first time knitting a raglan sweater and I’m pretty proud of it considering I winged the whole thing.

I’m pretty sure there is an easier process to knitting a raglan but I have created a pattern anyways. Also on the plus side I got to use my Guided Notes from DeBrosseNYC. See below for the details and the pattern.



Width: 10.5″

Height: 9.5″

Neckline to End of Sleeve: 11.5″


Yarn Bee Bamboospun (77/23 blend) in Olive


Aran (8 wpi)


2 skeins ~296 yd


US 8 – 5.0 mm (I used a circular needle but it isn’t necessary) & a tapestry needle (for sewing in ends) 


Download here.



Friday Five

Pumpkin Pie Rice Krispie

I love this idea! It’s so simple but really cute and on brand with Thanksgiving.

Knitting Bag

I’m sure that my husband wouldn’t agree but I think you can never have too many knitting bags. I definitely want to add this one too my collection.

Chore Chart

It’s going to be awhile before lil bit is old enough for chores but I’m for sure going to invest in this one.

Sill Giftshop

If you don’t know the The Sill is a modern plant store in New York. They ship everywhere (my awesome past roomie got me an airplant for my wedding). Anyways, they’ve opened a gift shop and I am in love with these earrings.

Seed Cone

I’ve grown many avocado trees; they’re so fun and easy to grow. Typically you poke some toothpicks in them and put them in a glass of water. This nifty little cone takes the toothpick out of the equation and you can reuse it!

Well that’s my five for the week. Have a great weekend!

Baby Making: DIY Boppy


We’re having a baby!

When I learned I was pregnant I couldn’t wait to start making for a little. The teeny clothes, animal softies, baby quilts; I could go on forever. However we had yet to find out the gender so I knew I couldn’t make teeny clothes yet or super gender specific things. I was able to find a few things I could start to create for momma and baby. This is a start to a series I’m calling ‘Baby Making’ where I’ll share all the cute and useful things I’m making for the little.

First up is the DIY Boppy. I plan to breastfeed and I knew this item was popular for being handy during feeding. This was also an item I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on because I didn’t want it to turn into one of those things I thought I needed but never used. I already had all the material needed except for the cover fabric. I’m glad I chose to make this myself because it was such a simple quick sew and ended up only costing me $10.

I used the pattern from this website and here’s how I made mine.

Materials Used:

  • 1 yard of plain fabric (I used some plain white cotton fabric leftover from another project)
  • 1 yard for cover
  • 20 inch zipper
  • Stuffing

For the Filler pillow:

I cut out two of the whole pieces and sewed them together at a 1/4” seam allowance.

I used some white cotton fabric and filled it with poly-fill.

For the cover:

I cut out the pieces per the instructions and sewed at a 3/4” seam allowance. The fabric I used was Coin Dots in Baby Powder from the Panorama Ocean Collection by Cotton + Steel. I purchased it from Sojo Fabric on Etsy. The shop is having a moving sale so I got a great deal on fabric.

This project was quick and easy and I would definitely recommend sewing this yourself!


Friday Five



  1. Menu Pumpkin

I love this idea for Thanksgiving dinner. Hopefully I’ll be hosting my own Thanksgiving dinner soon and can use this idea. I think it would be great to use lil pumpkins as well to identify individual dishes.

  1. Frame

I saw this frame on the sponsored post that pop up in my Instagram feed. This looks perfect for displaying kids artwork and you can easily change out the artwork.

  1. Anvil

How cute is this lil anvil! Perfect for adding hardware to clothing.

  1. Laurel 2.0

I bought this pattern quite a while ago but have yet to make it. After seeing the new update it has definitely moved up on my sewing que.

  1. Headboard

Weaving has gotten so popular lately and this headboard is for sure on brand.

Well that’s my five for the week. Have a great weekend!


Friday Five



  1. Aldi Quarter Holder

If you have ever shopped at Aldi you know the struggle when you can’t find a quarter for the shopping cart (for those that don’t know you have to have a quarter to ‘check out’ a cart and you get it back when you return the cart). This nifty little key chain means you’d never be without your sacred Aldi quarter.

2.  New Favorite Color Palette (Pink, Green, Yellow)

These colors keep popping up in my feed and I can’t think of a better combination (well, for now). [Source 1, Source 2, Source 3]

3.  Candy Tax Printable

This is so funny. I cannot wait for our peanut to be big enough to do this. Basically it is a sort-of fun way to begin teaching you little about ‘hard work, sweet rewards, and having said rewards taxed and consumed by their overlords.”

4.  Fabric From Well Fibre 

I purchased this fabric from Shop Well Fibre this week. She sells second hand fabrics she finds. I’m going to attempt to make a Highlands Wrap Dress out of this lovely green.

5.  Mending Book – insta / site

I saw this book on my feed and I can’t wait to read it. The visuals already look amazing.

Well that’s my five for the week. Have a great weekend!


#The100DayProject: 3rd Quarter Recap

I’m back with my third quarter roundup of my 100 Day Project. This quarter was much harder than the last two. This could be chalked up to learning about baby and being totally distracted. Either way here is my next 25 and I’ll check back in when I’m finished!


51/100 – I made this graphic after I purchased a fiddle leaf fig from Amazon Prime because is there anything more basic?


52/100 – I signed up for a Quilt the Forest event at Ruffner Mountain with Michelle Reynolds. I already started planning my design.


53/100 – I made this while I was working on a gingham pattern.


54/100 – Process shot for a cross stitch pattern I’m working on.


55/100 – Another process shot for a cross stitch pattern I’m working on.


56/100 – Made this doodle to show off a color palette.


57/100 – Made the color palette into a pattern.


58/100 – Just a doodle.


59/100 – I created this sheet to keep track of all my plants and their care.


60/100 – Process shot.


61/100 – I’m in the process of creating badges for the state parks and places we’ve visited and this one is for Little River Canyon


62/100 – and another one for Cheaha



63/100 – Just a reminder when you’ve a had a long day


64/100 – I started creating sheets for planning out my sewing projects. This one is for the Gypsum Skirt by Sew Liberated


65/100 – This one is for the a Jumpsuit from Peppermint Magazine by In the Folds


66/100 – This one’s for the Elmira Cardigan from Seamwork Magazine


67/100 – This is the beginning of a font I’m creating for a project.


68/100 – More work on the font.


69/100 – B is for brussel sprout


70/100 – L is for lemon


71/100 – WIP pattern

72/100 – Alligator doodle


73/100 – We’re having a baby! I’m so glad I finally get to share it.


74/100 – I needed to create a quick meal planner I can use for the week


75/100 – I’m working on baby’s room and I needed some closet cards to organize his clothes.



Friday Five


Untitled Design.png

I decided to start something new and post my five favorite things from the week. This can be anything that I’ve ran across and just had to share.

  1. Baby!

Were having a baby!

  1. HATCH Belly Oil – Site

Since the word is out I can now talk about all things baby (and mamma!). I started using this after seeing it on insta and I love it! I also have their Nipple + Lip Balm. Their clothes are also amazing. So many styles that would be great even if you weren’t pregnant.

  1. Cozy Minimalist Home by Myquillyn Smith – Site

When I pre-ordered this book the free gift was the fall seasonal class. I have watched it already and I am in love. I love her philosophy on decorating/nesting and I can’t wait to read her book! Check it out now!

  1. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Netflix – Site

This show premieres on Netflix tonight and I CANNOT wait to binge it all weekend.

  1. Boutique Mini Cycle – Site

This account started following me this week and I was intrigued. They are a clothing company that sells kiddle clothes for 0-8 years and allow you to sell them back. Essentially if you buy clothes from them they will buy them back, for cash or store credit. Neat right?

Well that’s my five for the week. Have a great weekend!