National Doughnut (or Donut) Day!

It’s that time again. We’ve waited all year for that faithful first Friday in June, National Donut Day. What is National Donut Day? Why it’s the one day a year where many establishments give out free donuts. Yes, I said FREE DONUTS or doughnuts (whatever you prefer).  Well, just in case you don’t know what’s up I’m here to give you a mini guide to this oh-so-sweet day.


It’s likely that the doughnut has been around for quite some time but it wasn’t until the doughnut machine was invented in the 1920’s, that they really picked up in popularity. The recipe became more refined from the greasy, heavy doughnut to the light and flaky pastry of today. Even in the wake of the Great Depression the doughnut was still in the reach of most costumers at less than a nickel a piece. Many of them were accompanied  with encouraging words such as “As you go through life make this your goal: Watch the doughnut not the hole.”

Now on to Doughnut day.

National Donut day began in the 1930’s with the Salvation Army. They would have their “Donut Lassies” hand out donuts to the American soldiers in France during World War I. On June 7, 1939  the day was made official. Now every first Friday of June we get to enjoy this sweet treat but while you’re doing the don’t forget the men and women that made it possible.

Doughnut vs. Donut 

So have you ever noticed how doughnut, or donut, is spelled different in different places?  Well, from what I’ve read either is correct. Donut is merely the simplified version of doughnut. The term donut became more popular since the founding of Dunkin Donuts in the 30’s. It’s purely a matter a preference, but if writing a school paper I’d stick with doughnut.

Where do I get my free doughnut?

It all depends on where you live. Donut Day USA has a locator to show you doughnut shows in your area. Krispy Kreme, nationally,  will give you one doughnut of your choice and Dunkin Donuts will give you a free donut with a purchase of a beverage.

Doughnut Wallpaper!

Here I have included an iPhone and computer wallpaper.



Resources and other additional articles:

For Alabamians:


All photographs/designs are made by me, Emma Antaillia, unless otherwise  stated

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