It’s Fall Ya’ll!

It’s finally fall! Here in the south we kind of have an obsession with fall. We wait all year for pumpkins, flannel, leaves, and perfect weather. This year I’ve decided to make a fall bucket list complete with things I’ve done before and some I haven’t.



  • Go to the pumpkin patch

This one I’ve done many, many times but it never gets old .

  • Carve pumpkins

I’ve done this before, literally every year, but it’s a tradition and therefore a must. Don’t forget to save the seeds! Check out this quilter themed free pumpkin carving template.

  • Roast pumpkin seeds

Ah! This is one of my favorites. Pumpkin seeds are yummy and there is nothing like making them yourself. Recipe soon to follow.

  • Camping

We used to go camping every fall break when I was younger but as you get older things life gets busier and we didn’t go as often. I’ve already gotten to once this fall season and I hope to go again. Here are some of my favorites,

Desoto State Park

Oak Mountain State Park

  • Campfires and S’mores

This really comes hand in hand with camping but you can enjoy a fire at home too. This can be especially enjoyable if you have a fire pit. The A Beautiful Mess team shows you how to make your own in only 4 steps! See it here.

  • Wear lots of sweaters and flannel

This is a MUST. I actually stock up on my sweaters and flannel in the off-season so the anticipation to wear them is quite strong when fall rolls around. My favorite place to snag these? Thrift stores.

  • Make a fall wreath

My apartment door is in desperate need of some decoration and I have never actually made a wreath specifically for fall so I can’t wait to tackle this one. I want a more natural wreath, I’m so over Hobby Lobby burlap wreaths, so I’m thinking about using grape vines.

  • Pick apples

I’ve been noticing a lot of post lately where people look perfectly fall-ish picking apples in an orchard. I’ll be needing apples for the next item on my list so why not pick them myself?

  • Cook A LOT

Apple pie, pumpkin pie, sweet potato biscuits, chili and so much more!

  • Watch football and basketball

Unfortunately, my team doesn’t start football until next season (#freeuab) so I’m forced to watch whatever my boyfriend is watching until basketball season starts.

  • Enjoy the weather

Do this everyday!

* Item that isn’t on the list, sewing! Lots and lots of projects and EPP. I did not include this on the list because I do it all the time and technically it isn’t fall specific. I’ve got an EPP project to finish by January so that means lots of cozy fall stitching.

What’s on your fall bucket list? Share what you’re doing by using the hashtag #thefalllist

I can’t wait to cross off the items on this list!


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