Holler and Dash

On March 15th Cracker Barrel opened their take on a fast paced biscuit/coffee shop, Holler and Dash. Nestled in the heart of Homewood, H&D has the country feel, signature to Crackel Barrel, with a modern twist.

I finally got to visit last week. I went with the Hollerback Club, their take on a BLT. It had fried green tomatoes, guacamole, bacon, hollerback sauce (their take on a comeback sauce I’m guessing) and it was served with pickled okra.

It was legit. I also had Colectivo Colectivo coffeeolectivo coffee. This was my first time having it and I’ll definitely be getting it next time. They also serve H.C. Valentine  and Stumptown coffee.

I love that they used ‘camping’ plates. It gave it that country vibe without overdoing it. Unfortunately I think the mugs were actually all ceramic and not like a camping mug. And that’s my only negative point!


Check them out! They’re open Monday-Friday 7:00-2:00!




Bunny Easter Basket

I first found Pen and Paper Patterns on Instagram. She came out with a donut potholder, and I fell in love. Even though I haven’t gotten the chance to make it, I did mange to make her Bunny Basket just in time for Easter.

How cute and adorable and awesome is it?! Even better, the pattern was super easy. What’s even better than that? IT’S FREE.

I give this pattern a 5/5 for sure. The instructions were easy to follow and I had no problems.

You can find this pattern along with her others here.

Happy making!



How To: Bias Tape

Bias tape  is a strip of fabric, cut on the bias and is used in binding. 
To be cut on the bias means the fabric is cut on a 45 degree angle.  Being cut this way make the bias tape stretchier and easier to drape compared to a strip that is cut on the grain.
The two types I’m going to tell you how to make are Quilt Binding and Single fold.
Quilt binding is typically used in quilt making and allows the tape to be sewn on without showing hardly any stitches.

Single Fold binding is used in a variety of projects and clothing. The process for sewing single fold is different and often times stitching is shown.

Cutting the Fabric 
1. With wrong side of fabric facing up and the selvage edge at the bottom, fold the bottom right corner up as shown in the diagram.
2. Fold the top right corner down to meet the bottom of fold.
3. Rotate the fabric on your cutting board so that the bottom folded edge lines up with a cutting line.
4. Trim away 1/8″ of the edge.
*From here the you are going to cut strips. The with of the strips depends on what kind of bias you’re making (quilt binding or single fold) and how big you want your bias tape to be.

Assembling the Bias Tape
1. After your strips are cut you will need to sew them together. With right sides together place two ends of the strips together as shown in the diagram. Pin and sew where the dashed line is.
2. Trim away excess fabric.
3.  Press Seams out.

Ironing the Bias into Single or Double Fold
Quilt Binding
Easier than double fold. Simply fold in half, wrong sides together, and iron.
Single Fold
I would suggest investing in one of these.
However there are still ways to make it without a slider. The Scientific Seamstress has a free printable version.
  I have two upcoming projects using both of these types of bias tape. Stay tuned!