Holler and Dash

On March 15th Cracker Barrel opened their take on a fast paced biscuit/coffee shop, Holler and Dash. Nestled in the heart of Homewood, H&D has the country feel, signature to Crackel Barrel, with a modern twist.

I finally got to visit last week. I went with the Hollerback Club, their take on a BLT. It had fried green tomatoes, guacamole, bacon, hollerback sauce (their take on a comeback sauce I’m guessing) and it was served with pickled okra.

It was legit. I also had Colectivo Colectivo coffeeolectivo coffee. This was my first time having it and I’ll definitely be getting it next time. They also serve H.C. Valentine  and Stumptown coffee.

I love that they used ‘camping’ plates. It gave it that country vibe without overdoing it. Unfortunately I think the mugs were actually all ceramic and not like a camping mug. And that’s my only negative point!


Check them out! They’re open Monday-Friday 7:00-2:00!



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