Old Quilt Ideas: Pillow

Handmade quilts, particularly hand-sewn quilts are a treasure.

Sometimes you come across one that is in rough shape. My mom had one she loved so much that she continued to use it despite the fact it had a humongous hole in it. It is a shame for a quilt like that to be tossed aside just because of some wear and tear. I have a few ideas for those quilts.

I recently was given a hand-sewn quilt that had a lot of little holes in it and one huge hole. I could have repaired it but since it wasn’t sentimental I decided to give it a new life. I knew the first thing I wanted to do was make a pillow out of some of it like the ones at Alabama Biscuit Co. (which I highly suggest visiting).

Poor picture of the really cute pillows
[Poor picture of Alabama Biscuit Co.’s really cute pillows]
Here’s how I made my own.

You need:

  1. An old quilt or some of an old quilt
  2. Fabric for the back
  3. Stuffing or a pillow form
  4. Needle and thread
  5. Pins
  6. Optional: sewing machine

I cut a piece of the quilt to the size I wanted, which was easy since it was a simple block quilt. I cut out a 2×2 square piece with a little seam allowance on the sides. This is totally customizable so you decide how big or small you want your pillow. Next, cut some fabric for the back (I used an old seed sack).


Pin the fabric, right sides facing each other,  together.


And lastly, sew her up! With right sides together sew around all sides leaving a 4 inch gap to turn the fabric. If you use a pillow form you will need to leave one whole side open. After you sew turn inside out and stuff with stuff or slide pillow form. Then sew up the gap and you’re done!

I left all the little holes in it. Even though the cotton is peeking out it doesn’t fall out because it is well sewn. Isn’t it charming?

Here’s another one I made even bigger. It’s so comfy!

Happy making!


2 thoughts on “Old Quilt Ideas: Pillow

  1. I love reusing old quilts. I made a sewing mat from a quilted bed pillow. Now I am working on making various hot iron cases from a large quilt. I’ll be writing about it in a week or so.


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