Adult (ish) Bunny Slippers

I love bunnies and slippers. So when I stumbled upon See Kate Sew‘s tutorial for kiddie bunny slippers, I knew I had to make an adult version.


I mean how cute are these? My toes have never been so cute and cozy.

How to Make Slippers


Pattern, download here

Fleece, Flannel, or terry cloth


Embroidery floss

1.Cut out all pieces:

2 of each pad

2 outer sole pieces

2 inner sole

2 outer bunnies

2 inner bunnes

4 soles from batting

2. Sew bunny face onto the outer bunnies using template


3.  Sew pads onto the bottom of the outer sole using template to align. 


4. Assemble the outer sole as shown in the previous picture. Place the right side of the bunny face to the pad side of the outer sole (right sides together in other words). Sew around the toes.

5. Place the inner sole piece together. Batting,  inner soles, and inner bunny face (right sides together). Sew around toes.


This is what it will look like after you have finished steps 4 and 5.


6. This next part is a little tricky. Turn the inner sole bunny out and fit it inside the outer sole bunny and pin. Sew around the slipper leaving a 2 inch gape on one side.


7. Flip inside out and hand stitch the gap. You’re done!

For an added touch you can blanket stitch around the shoe as well!



For all you cat lovers out there I’ve also added a cat version in the pattern. Just use it instead of the of the bunny face.

If you are having a hard time following my instructions go to the original direction for the kiddie slippers here.



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