My Sewing Story

I just wanted to take a few minutes to tell you a little about myself and my sewing story and why I decided to make this blog with an emphasis on sewing.

I was a wee little tot when I learned how to sew (I’ve always been described as an old soul). I spent a lot of time with my grandparents so naturally my grandmother taught me. I started with crosstitch and embroidery until I bought my first sewing machine. When antiquing with my mother one day, we stumbled across an old singer toy sewing machine (a 1950’s Singer 20 Sewhandy Childs Sewing Machine to be exact). It was way more than my mother would let my spend but I knew I had to have it. I bargained like crazy for it (just imagine a wee tot with pigtails, how could you say no?) and got it for 5 dollars.

Singer 20-10 Sewhandy Toy Sewing MachineI loved that machine (still do) and began exploring sewing things like little quilts and doll clothes. A year or sew later (ha get it?) I got my first ‘legit’ machine for Christmas. I made all sorts of things (I feel like mostly curtains) but lost interest around my tween years.  My sewing picked back up when I took a sort of level 2 version (it was called Fashion 101) of home ec. in high school. There was no fashion involved in the class but I did learn a lot about quilting and finished my first quilt in the class. It was lovely and simple.

Soon after that I began taking sewing classes at a local fabric store where I made my first article of clothing, pj pants (haven’t we all made these?). I attempted other articles of clothing without much success but I was able to alter my own clothing. This came in especially handy because I was a 5 foot petite girl with no boobs.

I continued to alter my clothes in college and these skills came in handy in my sorority. I altered a lot of costumes (mostly mine). It was a learning experience, in that I learned I needed to advance my skill set.

I’m now two years out of college and I’m just now working on that. I love Seamwork Mag and their podcast and learning the why to why we make.

My body hasn’t change much since then besides the addition of a few pounds and a cup size (I’m still 5 foot tall). It been hard to find clothes to fit right and with the right silhouettes which lead me to take part in the Wardrobe Architect project from Colette. I’ve began taking a closer look at my clothes and I want to create closet that I feel comfortable in and can take pride in. I use other sewing projects to break the frustration in-between.

Even though I’m like two years late to Wardrobe Architect I’m going to start (slowly) and share my experiences here (so stay tuned).

Sewing has been a huge part of much life for most of my life. There is such a sense of pride when you are able to say you made something yourself. It is that feeling that drives my sewing journey.



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