Pictures from Home

Going home for me (my parents house) doesn’t just feel good because it’s home but also because it’s like a mini vacation. So much so that me and my parents jokingly call it my vacation home. We have several acres out in the “county” and are enclosed in woods so it is very relaxing.


Another thing that is great about being home is the fresh fruits and veggies. Nothing has come up yet in our garden but my grandmother had a ton of strawberries.

This is my favorite pyrex bowl

Another thing I like to do at home is forage. Last summer I took a class with Chris Bennett and ever since then I’ve tried to find ways to use what we already have on our land. (Check out his book here)

The blackberries have dropped their flowers and will be ready soon.

Wish this picture wasn’t so blurry

Flowers I spotted along the way


I’ve never seen red honeysuckle on our land before


Sweet-briar Rose

Wild Garlic flower

This little lady bug

and this snake



Find the hidden bug in the photo


Home Sweet Home


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