Blogger Spotlight, Sewing

Blogger Spotlight: Allie J.

OMGeeee you guys. I have been way out of the loop for years. I am just now getting into the internet sewing community world and it is so inspiring.

This week I found Allie Jackson’s website and let me tell you, it is heavenly. She has what she calls mid-century modern style which means lots of adorable skirts, crop tops, and other sixties-ish/preppy apparel.


Her blog is wonderful because she mainly deals with vintage patterns. Vintage patterns can be tricky to fit nowadays and there are also some terms that may not make sense.

One of my favorite posts is about this faux crop top.


She even made her own wedding dress.


I mean come on. Isn’t it a dream?

Check out her website here.

Check out her article for Seamwork Mag here.


(These photos are not mine they were used from Allie Jackson’s website)


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