Planning for a New Year

I feel like this year more than ever people are completely over 2016 and ready to start fresh with 2017. I most certainly am ready for what 2017 holds because I’m getting MARRIED! 


This year I have decided to invest in not one, but THREE planners. Crazy right? When scrolling through instagram, I would see bloggers and designers with more than one planner and I didn’t understand why that was necessary. Well boy do I now. Being an adult with a schedule, a sewer needing to keep projects on schedule, and a blogger I thought it was time to get more organized.

My first and newest planner is Colette’s Sewing Planner. I pre-ordered it and I was basically staring at the mailbox until it came.

[Picture via Colette Patterns]
This planner is basically set up to plan a wardrobe, much like their Wardrobe Architect project. It has a section where you can put in your measurements and general favorites.

[I don’t have all mine filled in yet]
Then it is divided into two sections Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. At the beginning of each there are two pages where you can put your goals/inspiration/pallette. Then there are tons of project pages.

Last but not least, there is a resource section. Here, there are measurement conversions, a needle chart and  croquoises.


I have LOVED using mine so far.



The next planner I’m going to be using in 2017 is the Get to Work Book by Elise Joy. I’ve been eyeballing this planner for awhile and I finally made the investment. My goal is to use this planner primarily to schedule my blog and projects. It’s definitely geared towards people who want to get stuff done!  Each month features a print that you can tear out for inspiration, a monthly look, and then weekly views.

[Picture via Get to Work Book]
I ordered this back in October and I’ve been dying to use it. I also ordered the today marker for it. It’s essentially a bookmark with a ruler and ‘Today’ tab.




My third planner I will be using is a 5×8 May Designs notebook. What’s so great about these is they are so cute and customizable. I choose a graphic pattern from their Sugar & Cloth collection. I then choose to put a funny quote on the front.


I needed a light smallish planner I could keep in my purse and use for appointments and such. I also ordered this planner back in September (they had big sale so it worked out perfectly) but I did something dumb. I order a 2016 planner instead of a 2017 one. So I’ve had to do some creative fixing.


I’ve also invested in some cute accessories. Theses stamps are perfect for planners.


Stamps show here are from A Beautiful Mess, Clearly Kelly, and Laina Lamb Designs.

These stamps are made to stick on an acrylic block to use them. I’ve been using something random every time I used my stamps from A Beautiful Mess so I finally invested in some stamps blocks. These are great because they have a grid. 


I’ve also built on to my washi tape collection. I really want to get this dispenser from I Spy DIY.

[Picture via I Spy DIY]
What planners and supplies are you using to plan for this year?







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