#The100DayProject: 1st Quarter Recap


This is my first time participating in the #The100DayProject so I knew I wanted to use it as a tool to further develop a skill. I also knew that there are a lot of projects I just had on a pad and had not taken any further steps to create. That is why I chose 100 Days of Illustrator as my project. I took a graphic design course in college and I’ve loved working in Illustrator ever since. It has been the best way for me to make templates for projects and formulate plans.

Before the project started I was still on the fence about my what my ‘theme’ should be. I had some very specific ideas with several constraints. It wasn’t until I listened to the Crafty Ass Female Podcast (Episode 20) that I knew I had to simplify it. I just stripped it down to using one creative method (i.e. Illustrator) and only using that to create anything I wanted for the next 100 days.

So here is my first quarter!


1/100 – This has been my favorite  illustration (so far that is). I knew I needed to establish a signature for the rest of my work and the face just appeared!

2/100 – This is a book progress chart. I set a goal to read more this year and plan to read 25 books. This chart allows you to color in the books as you read or you can write in the title of the book. Download it HERE.


3/100 – I was so excited to start a garden this year. We always had one when I was growing up and even though mine won’t be as big, hopefully it will work out.

4/100 – This illustration was actually started and never finished. At the time I was interning for McWane Science Center in the exhibits department. They were dismantling their ‘Newsroom’ exhibit and I got to inventory all the props. One included this beautiful Brownie camera.


5/100 – I mainly do the laundry for our household which includes a variety of my husband’s cute and colorful socks

6/100 – Doodle husband. I originally planned to make our save the dates as little doodles but that never came into fruition.


7/100 – I recently purchased a worm composing system (see it here). I made this as a little cheat sheet for what we can feed them and also so I can keep track of how fast they are eating.

8/100 – I’ve been really inspired watching Elise Joy’s 100 days and recently she did some screen printing. I knew I had to try. I made this for my first template. See my personal Instagram for the results.


9/100 – I’ve been meaning to design a return address stamp/label for awhile.

10/100 – This was just a doodle that turned into a binder cover for my plant binder.


11/100 – When I was in college me and my roommate had some epic wifi names. Now our password is boring and hard to remember so I made this printable to frame in our home office.

12/100 – I wish it could be Easter year round so I can have bunny decor up all the time.


13/100 – I framed this and put it in the laundry closet. I don’t how often I’ll need to reference it but it sure is cute.

14/100 – I created this template for embroidering one of my old jean jackets. So cute. Can’t even deal.


15/100 – I’ve been slowly attempting to decorate our home. I plan to print this graphic in poster size.

16/100 – Dad asked me to create him a personal business card. I still need to work out some stuff but I think it speaks for itself.


17/100 – This is a freezer inventory sheet. I printed this guy out and put him on the outside of our freezer with a magnet sleeve. I imagine it would be great for a deep freezer too.

18/100 – I found out that Moo allows you to print stickers that are all different designs. I created labels for all my DIY beauty products. I cannot wait order these!


19/100 – On this day I posted a WIP of a pattern I’m working on

20/100 – Besides the Wedgewood room, the modern art gallery at the Birmingham Museum of Art is probably my favorite. I love the color. I’ve always loved Frank Stella’s Flin Flon VI and I wanted to see it all the time so I made a desktop wallpaper.

21/100 – The husband has been begging me to make a magnet to show if the dishes are clean or dirty. I created this little guy.


22/100 – I haven’t had a planner I’m satisfied with in a long time. So I’m making my own so I can, as Leslie Knope would say, jam on my planner.

23/100 – Preview of the inside pages of my planner.


24/100 This is Gravity’s Rainbow by Odili Donald Odita. It is another work of art in the modern art gallery at the BMA. The colors and lines just give me a feeling that it would make a really awesome quilt. I started breaking it down to make a pattern but there are several logistical issues I need to work through.

25/100 This little guy was another project that went unfinished. I started this doodle back in my graphic design class and I was honestly surprised I could find the file.

Thoughts so far: 

Creating a habit is never easy. I still have yet to work out more than 1 day a month. However I think that allowing myself to take it easy has really helped. For example I know that there are going to be days I miss but its ok. The goal of the project is do something for 100 days. That doesn’t mean I need to worry the whole time.

My biggest fear was that I would run out of ideas. I know it has only been 25 days but I think the opposite has happened. This really speaks to Elise Joy’s podcast (not sure which episode but its from 2018) that creativity is a muscle you build. While working on one project I get inspiration for another.

So far my experience has been all positive but I’ll check back in, in another 25 days!


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