Garden Plans: Spring 2020

Finally spring! I’ve spent nearly a year planning and dreaming about getting my hands in the soil. Last year Henry was born and I couldn’t devote the time and energy to the garden I wanted and I’ve been antsy to get going ever since. I was so ready to plant that I decided to start my own seeds. Many of the seeds I started had collected from past harvests but I also invested in some seeds from Floret. I came across their seeds after following Whitney Blakes insta and seeing her beautiful garden.


Most of the seeds I got from Floret are going in our front along with some more zinnias & cosmos. We never picked out shrubs to plant in the fall so we’re going to wing it this year and just have a ton of color. 


Now as for veggies I started tomatoes, tons of peppers, and a few herbs.


I’m going to directly sow the okra, radishes, and carrots. So all I’ll have to get is beans, strawberries, and basil.


Another thing I’m really excited about is the pollinator garden. Behind the garden beds is an area that I have a few native perennials (coneflowers, mallow, barbara’s buttons, and milkweed). 

I also got these really crazy milkweed seeds from a volunteer day and I can’t wait to add them.

Last but not least is the dye garden. I got some indigo and madder seeds from the Dogwood Dyer. The indigo seeds I started and I’m not sure where they’re going yet but they look so happy and healthy. The madder I’m going to start in a pot since it takes a few years before harvest. I also will have marigolds scattered throughout the landscape to dye with.



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