The Coffee Dyed Rope Bowl

DIY, Fall


I absolutely love how this this turned out! It was an experiment on two levels. First I wanted to see how well the rope I purchased worked (how sturdy/easy to sew) and how well the rope took to dying it with coffee.


The rope I was working with was cotton clothes line from Wal-Mart. I can’t find the exact one to link but they have a bunch to choose from. I then soaked it in a strong brew of old coffee (saved specifically for a dye project) in a shallow dish. Because the dish didn’t fit all of the rope the dye soaked in to some of the rope more than other places. This ended up making some great color variation.

The process of making rope bowls is very cathartic. Once you get started the process flows easily and, since it is essentially one straight stitch, you can relax and let your mind relax as well. Definitely sewing self-care!


Here’s the tutorial I used from We All Sew. The only change I made was to add handles the bowl.



#The100DayProject: 2nd Quarter Recap


I’m a little late (more like a lot late!) on posting this considering I’m almost at the 3rd quarter mark but oh well! During this quarter I felt like a had so many ideas and the execution of them flowed flawlessly.


26/100 – When me and my husband were dating he would leave me little doodles and notes on sticky notes. This has always been my favorite doodle and I did not do it justice (go to my insta to see the original).

27/100 – This was a template I made for some thread cards. I actually attempted to use shrinky dinks to make a reusable version. It did not turn out how I anticipated. The slot at the bottom made to hold the thread in place was too large and did not hold the thread secure.


28/100 – Just a simple little tree.


29/100 – So excited about this. It is a poster with tree stickers that you use to ‘check off’ each state park you have visited. I ordered a version and I can’t wait to fill it in!


30/100 – Even though my previous thread card did not turn out, it inspired this business card that doubles as a thread holder.


31/100 – I decided that since I was trying to read more I would document all my books in a mini scrapbook. These are scrapbooking cards I made to fit.


32/100 – I drew this flower back in high school and it has been stuck to the wall of my childhood bedroom ever since. I noticed it the last time I visited my parents and decided to vectorize it.

33/100 – This was a project sheet I created for my dad.


34/100 – We went to see a roller derby bout for my local team, the Tragic City Rollers, and it was so much fun! I could help but think they deserved some cute flair.


35/100 – For this one I just needed a cover for my recipe binder.

36/100 – These are memory verse cards. They are set up to help you learn a verse by using an acronym. For example, NFITAOTHFTCOTNS is ‘Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for the conviction of things not seen’.


37/100 & 38/100  – I’ve been slowly trying to get through my stash of thread and fabric and get it all organize. It’s been very slow going aka I made these sheets but still haven’t started.


39/100 – Since I’m making a scrapbook of books, I also needed a way to show the audio books I’ve listened to. I made this graphic so I can fill it in with screenshots of the audio books and then print a picture of that.

40/100 – I was given this cute recipe box for our wedding and since then I have ran out of cards so I made some replacement ones.



41/100 – This was inspired by a pair of earrings I saw on Instagram. They were wire and created the outline of a hand.

42/100 – This was just experimenting with repeating pattern using the technique by Spoonflower.  


43/100 – This was a previous project left unfinished.

44/100 – I used to live in loft building that was an old overall factory. When I moved in I found a bunch of buttons and overall parts. I started this then and just now finished it.


45/100 – I made a desktop screen for my laptop so I could organize all my folders.

46/100 – This is a banner I made for an upcoming post.


47/100 – Review cards for my book scrapbook.

48/100 – Finally made some bookmarks to use instead of post-its and random pieces of paper.


49/100 – I made this during my first month of using power-sheets (they’re amazing goal planners by Cultivate What Matters ) and this was my June goal word/inspo.

50/100 – Old project revisited. Still so relevant.

Thoughts at this point: 

I don’t have much to reflect on at this point. This quarter definitely flowed more easily. I had more inspiration and was more motivated.

Stay tuned for my post on the next 25 days!


#The100DayProject: 1st Quarter Recap



This is my first time participating in the #The100DayProject so I knew I wanted to use it as a tool to further develop a skill. I also knew that there are a lot of projects I just had on a pad and had not taken any further steps to create. That is why I chose 100 Days of Illustrator as my project. I took a graphic design course in college and I’ve loved working in Illustrator ever since. It has been the best way for me to make templates for projects and formulate plans.

Before the project started I was still on the fence about my what my ‘theme’ should be. I had some very specific ideas with several constraints. It wasn’t until I listened to the Crafty Ass Female Podcast (Episode 20) that I knew I had to simplify it. I just stripped it down to using one creative method (i.e. Illustrator) and only using that to create anything I wanted for the next 100 days.

So here is my first quarter!


1/100 – This has been my favorite  illustration (so far that is). I knew I needed to establish a signature for the rest of my work and the face just appeared!

2/100 – This is a book progress chart. I set a goal to read more this year and plan to read 25 books. This chart allows you to color in the books as you read or you can write in the title of the book. Download it HERE.


3/100 – I was so excited to start a garden this year. We always had one when I was growing up and even though mine won’t be as big, hopefully it will work out.

4/100 – This illustration was actually started and never finished. At the time I was interning for McWane Science Center in the exhibits department. They were dismantling their ‘Newsroom’ exhibit and I got to inventory all the props. One included this beautiful Brownie camera.


5/100 – I mainly do the laundry for our household which includes a variety of my husband’s cute and colorful socks

6/100 – Doodle husband. I originally planned to make our save the dates as little doodles but that never came into fruition.


7/100 – I recently purchased a worm composing system (see it here). I made this as a little cheat sheet for what we can feed them and also so I can keep track of how fast they are eating.

8/100 – I’ve been really inspired watching Elise Joy’s 100 days and recently she did some screen printing. I knew I had to try. I made this for my first template. See my personal Instagram for the results.


9/100 – I’ve been meaning to design a return address stamp/label for awhile.

10/100 – This was just a doodle that turned into a binder cover for my plant binder.


11/100 – When I was in college me and my roommate had some epic wifi names. Now our password is boring and hard to remember so I made this printable to frame in our home office.

12/100 – I wish it could be Easter year round so I can have bunny decor up all the time.


13/100 – I framed this and put it in the laundry closet. I don’t how often I’ll need to reference it but it sure is cute.

14/100 – I created this template for embroidering one of my old jean jackets. So cute. Can’t even deal.


15/100 – I’ve been slowly attempting to decorate our home. I plan to print this graphic in poster size.

16/100 – Dad asked me to create him a personal business card. I still need to work out some stuff but I think it speaks for itself.


17/100 – This is a freezer inventory sheet. I printed this guy out and put him on the outside of our freezer with a magnet sleeve. I imagine it would be great for a deep freezer too.

18/100 – I found out that Moo allows you to print stickers that are all different designs. I created labels for all my DIY beauty products. I cannot wait order these!


19/100 – On this day I posted a WIP of a pattern I’m working on

20/100 – Besides the Wedgewood room, the modern art gallery at the Birmingham Museum of Art is probably my favorite. I love the color. I’ve always loved Frank Stella’s Flin Flon VI and I wanted to see it all the time so I made a desktop wallpaper.

21/100 – The husband has been begging me to make a magnet to show if the dishes are clean or dirty. I created this little guy.


22/100 – I haven’t had a planner I’m satisfied with in a long time. So I’m making my own so I can, as Leslie Knope would say, jam on my planner.

23/100 – Preview of the inside pages of my planner.


24/100 This is Gravity’s Rainbow by Odili Donald Odita. It is another work of art in the modern art gallery at the BMA. The colors and lines just give me a feeling that it would make a really awesome quilt. I started breaking it down to make a pattern but there are several logistical issues I need to work through.

25/100 This little guy was another project that went unfinished. I started this doodle back in my graphic design class and I was honestly surprised I could find the file.

Thoughts so far: 

Creating a habit is never easy. I still have yet to work out more than 1 day a month. However I think that allowing myself to take it easy has really helped. For example I know that there are going to be days I miss but its ok. The goal of the project is do something for 100 days. That doesn’t mean I need to worry the whole time.

My biggest fear was that I would run out of ideas. I know it has only been 25 days but I think the opposite has happened. This really speaks to Elise Joy’s podcast (not sure which episode but its from 2018) that creativity is a muscle you build. While working on one project I get inspiration for another.

So far my experience has been all positive but I’ll check back in, in another 25 days!


Easter Dressing

Handmade Wardrobe, Sewing


I’ve been wanting to make a separate set forever. They’re perfectly cute together and still adorable apart. When I saw the below photo I just knew I had to used my linen grid fabric from Purl Soho. I bought the neon pink version which features a — inch grid pattern.

Q0nzzrkoReiDm6WihJof_full_2017-03-30 11.00.07


Here’s the deets!

The Patterns: Rue Skirt (see tutorial here) – Sewalong; Laurel

The Fabric: Linen Grid by Purl Soho

The Making: I couldn’t decide on what patterns I was going to use for the top and bottom. I originally planned on using the Brooklyn Skirt from Seamwork Mag but my printer has been on the fritz lately. Another Colette pattern, Rue, worked perfectly and it had a skirt only tutorial!

I ran into another problem with the pattern for the top. I initially planned on using the sloper pattern I purchased months before from BurdaStyle but I realized I purchased the plus size version. I ended up using Colette Laurel for my top.

The Rue skirt tutorial was super easy and I love how full the skirt is. Plus it has pockets!

The Mods: The only modifications I made were to the top. For the Laural top, I simply shortened the pattern to sit right over the top of the skirt. Added snaps to the back instead of a zipper.

The Styling: What I love about this outfit is that is three in one. Easter morning I wore the top and skirt together then I traded the skirt for jeans. The skirt can be worn with a different top as well.