Baby Making: Bunny Romper

Easter is my favorite holiday. The flowers are blooming, the weather is perfect and dying Easter eggs! Another one of my favorite things about Easter is picking out the perfect church dress. Last year I made own, you can see it here, but this year I got to make a little bit of a different outfit. I made a tiny romper for the little!

I originally planned to do a simple version of the Brindille & Twig Summer Romper, like my plans below, but I was inspired to make something even cuter!

I had to make a few alterations in order to make the pattern work. For the front piece, I made an arch approximately 3″ down on the fold side and 4″ on the outer edge. Then I cut it into two patten pieces.

I also drew out ears and cut four from the white fabric and 2 from the pink inner ear fabric.

After I sewed the ears together, I sewed them to the top piece with a little of the ear piece hanging off the top. Next I sewed the top piece to the ‘face’ piece and top stitched the arch.

I then embroidered the eyes, nose and mouth on to the face piece. From here I followed the instructions for the pattern only I sewed the straps to main piece instead of the back. Then I added hidden snaps to the back.

Baby Making: Leaf Playmat

I was very ambitious during my pregnancy and I thought I would just be nesting and making away. Not the case. Pregnancy is exhausting. So needless to say I didn’t create as much as I intended. However I did manage to finish a few and now that the little has been born, I’m attempting to share some of those projects. First up is the leaf playmat.

I knew when I saw these I just had to recreate one for myself. I also knew it would be a relatively simple project and it was! Here’s how I did it.


-Fabric (I used an old bedsheet)



-Matching thread

The How:

Draw out your leaf pattern. Mine measures approximately 36″ x 28″ (at the widest point).

Cut out two from main fabric and two from batting. Layer them together batting, fabric (right side up), fabric (right side down), batting.

Sew around edge at a 1/2 inch seam allowance leaving a 6 inch gap. Trim seam allowances and turn.

Stuff lightly, making sure you evenly spread out the stuffing. Sew up gap. Last but not least, quilt the ‘veins’ on the leaf as shown below. As you sew the veins make sure to keep the stuffing even between lines.

So far I’ve been using my mat for the little’s monthly pictures, tummy time, and for laying him on the couch. Since I made mine pretty fluffy he stays in the middle, for now!


Reflections on the New Year…

This year was my best and worst year for making.

I made more quality work than I think I ever have.

But I feel that I slacked on the documentation.

I set myself time goals and felt overwhelmed by them.

But I did actually get projects finished.

I had ambitious making goals.

But those goals stifled my creativity.

The take away?

Feeling like I had to complete these items in a certain time crunch made me feel boxed in. Also having to confront the fact that I may not have as much time to sew as other makers was a real struggle for me this year. (Oh how I wish I had a stay at home job). However, by being more organized and meticulous I was able to complete the project and not have a lingering WIP. No dates, more lists, less worry.

I do not like taking pictures of myself so that holds me back when posting finished clothes. I started this blog to be more of a journal to document projects and such. This year I have decided to take a more creative documentation approach. I’m going to take inspire by Not A Primary Color’s sketchbook and sketch out my designs and ideas. Creative documentation.

I made a lot of making goals in 2017 (don’t get me wrong, goals are good) but not many of them panned out. I finished maybe one of my #2017MakeNine.  I noticed that I worked better and had more creative vision when I just mad the next thing on mind whenever I wanted to. Make in the moment.

2017 Timeline Recap

January – Started with planning and ambition #2017MakeNine (never completed)



February – I participated in the #Monetaparty


April – Purchased these amazing custom labels


May/June – Planned a wedding and made my reception dress (not pictured/blogged)

July – I got married! / Cross-stitched a pineapple on the honeymoon (not blogged)



August – Finished this Gretta tank in time for the eclipse (not blogged)


September – Started my first knitting project


October – Blogged my Osaka skirt / made a matching banana/scrunchie set (not blogged)



November – Made my first Willow tank (not blogged) / Refashioned paid top (not pictured/ blogged)


December – Finished my first knitting project, a modified Easy Breezy sweater / a Tilly and the Buttons overall dress / Christmas stockings / a self drafted knit hat





Here’s to a new year, new ideas, and new makes!






[Featured picture used from Bob’s Burgers Wiki – if you’re not watching Bob’s Burgers you should be, just sayin]

Knit Happens

Do you ever go through phases with hobbies? Like I’ll be totally obsessed with crosstitch/embroidery and get bored and then move on to EPP. Well currently I’m on the knitting cycle of obsession. That can be attributed to fact that I finally figured out how exactly to knit. Before now it was just multiple failed attempts and frustration. That was until I stumbled upon Wool and the Gang. They’re not just a cool name but community of modern knitters and awesome yarns.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 3.55.49 PM.png

Awesome yarns like their Billie Jean Yarn made from recycled jeans and Jersey Be Good made from recycled t-shirt factory off-cuts. There’s also tons of other types of yarns, kits, tools, free patterns, and most importantly (for me at least) video tutorials.

So what am I working on in my current knitting-obsessed state? A variation of WATG’s Easy Breezy Sweater.



The yarn I’m using is some that I inherited and is what I’m calling my ‘muslin’ yarn. Its a vintage Jade Green Himalaya Yarn from Columbia Minerva.  Cross your fingers I don’t run out!

I’m not even finished with the front panel and what have I learned? Knitting is great for carpooling and horrible for patience. I average about 3 rows a day. So I’m going to be done with the project maybe next year……..

I’m obsessing over knitting supplies as well. On the wishlist is:


They also have a ton of beautiful supplies like stitch markers and driftwood needles.

Fringe Association (the blog of Fringe Supply Co.) is also great resource for knitters.

Sidebar: until I get this bag I’m in the process of making the Stowe Bag by Grainline Studios/Fringe Supply Co.


This handy little tool holds stitch markers, cable needles, tapestry needles, and even a magnetic row counter (this comes separate).


It comes in four colors, or flavors (strawberry, blue frost, vanilla, and lemon)

Their blog also shows you how to make adorable animal poms.


She also makes lovely hand carved hairpins, crochet hooks, needles, and illustrations.

I also found out that Birmingham has a knitting shop?! I can’t wait t visit and see what they have.


Other Resources/Shops:

Purl Soho

Twig and Horn

Craft South

A Verb for Keeping Warm

Knitters Tool Kit