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How to Cover the Back of Your Embroidery Hoop

img_4734I recently sold a piece on Etsy and I needed a clean way to cover the back stitches. I’ve experimented in the past with different ways to do this and decided to share the best way with ya’ll!

Here’s how to do it.


Paper (cardstock)

Glue stick

Finished work and embroidery hoop

Printer (optional)


Figure out how big your hoop is, either by measuring or by looking on the hoop itself for a number.


If you are measuring your hoop, use the inside hoop and measure from the outside of the wood.


Now depending on what equipment you have you can either draw out the circle by tracing it, create it in Illustrator/Photoshop/InDesign or use a few of the standard templates I’ve provided (download at the bottom).


I prefer to use a heavy paper but copy paper works just fine. In the top picture, I recycled and used a brown paper grocery bag (I really like how that one turned out). Cut out your circle.

*Bonus Tip: If you use a brown paper bag, iron it first so it will lay flat. 

Now it is time to decorate the back if you want. Stamp your logo, write a sweet note, or leave it blank (I added my logo to the back when I made my template in Illustrator). I have also provided you with a few templates as well (download at the bottom). 


Now flip your work over and position the circle where you want it. Use a glue stick to glue it to the back of the fabric.


Now put the work back into the hoop, pulling it tight as you go.


Tighten hoop and cut off excess fabric.


If you want the work to be permanent, you can glue the fabric around the edges of the hoop. 

And that’s it! Simple huh? 





Reusable Wash Rounds

You know those old cotton rounds used for makeup removal and/or nail polish remover? Well they’re handy but oh so wasteful. Solution? Reusable wash-rounds! They’re like wash cloths but way handier.

Here’s what you will need to make them:

  • A towel or terry cloth fabric (you can buy either at the store but second hand works best)
  • Air dry pen
  • Cup or something circular to trace around
  • Serger, sewing machine or needle and embroidery floss

  1. First you want to trace as many circles that you can fit on to your towel or fabric.
  2. Then cut out all your circles and match them together, wrong sides together.

The last step depends on what equipment you have. If you’re using a serger, just sew around the edges and you’re done! If you’re using a sewing machine you can use a zigzag stitch to sew around the edge. If you’re working with a needle and thread, I suggest using a blanket stitch [tutorial].

I store them in a jar similar to these. After I use them I just throw them in the wash along with my towels. Just make sure you remember about them. They’re small and easy to overlook!


Also, how cute are these marble ones jars?!










Adult (ish) Bunny Slippers

I love bunnies and slippers. So when I stumbled upon See Kate Sew‘s tutorial for kiddie bunny slippers, I knew I had to make an adult version.


I mean how cute are these? My toes have never been so cute and cozy.

How to Make Slippers


Pattern, download here

Fleece, Flannel, or terry cloth


Embroidery floss

1.Cut out all pieces:

2 of each pad

2 outer sole pieces

2 inner sole

2 outer bunnies

2 inner bunnes

4 soles from batting

2. Sew bunny face onto the outer bunnies using template


3.  Sew pads onto the bottom of the outer sole using template to align. 


4. Assemble the outer sole as shown in the previous picture. Place the right side of the bunny face to the pad side of the outer sole (right sides together in other words). Sew around the toes.

5. Place the inner sole piece together. Batting,  inner soles, and inner bunny face (right sides together). Sew around toes.


This is what it will look like after you have finished steps 4 and 5.


6. This next part is a little tricky. Turn the inner sole bunny out and fit it inside the outer sole bunny and pin. Sew around the slipper leaving a 2 inch gape on one side.


7. Flip inside out and hand stitch the gap. You’re done!

For an added touch you can blanket stitch around the shoe as well!



For all you cat lovers out there I’ve also added a cat version in the pattern. Just use it instead of the of the bunny face.

If you are having a hard time following my instructions go to the original direction for the kiddie slippers here.



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Old Quilt Ideas: Pillow

Handmade quilts, particularly hand-sewn quilts are a treasure.

Sometimes you come across one that is in rough shape. My mom had one she loved so much that she continued to use it despite the fact it had a humongous hole in it. It is a shame for a quilt like that to be tossed aside just because of some wear and tear. I have a few ideas for those quilts.

I recently was given a hand-sewn quilt that had a lot of little holes in it and one huge hole. I could have repaired it but since it wasn’t sentimental I decided to give it a new life. I knew the first thing I wanted to do was make a pillow out of some of it like the ones at Alabama Biscuit Co. (which I highly suggest visiting).

Poor picture of the really cute pillows

[Poor picture of Alabama Biscuit Co.’s really cute pillows]

Here’s how I made my own.

You need:

  1. An old quilt or some of an old quilt
  2. Fabric for the back
  3. Stuffing or a pillow form
  4. Needle and thread
  5. Pins
  6. Optional: sewing machine

I cut a piece of the quilt to the size I wanted, which was easy since it was a simple block quilt. I cut out a 2×2 square piece with a little seam allowance on the sides. This is totally customizable so you decide how big or small you want your pillow. Next, cut some fabric for the back (I used an old seed sack).


Pin the fabric, right sides facing each other,  together.


And lastly, sew her up! With right sides together sew around all sides leaving a 4 inch gap to turn the fabric. If you use a pillow form you will need to leave one whole side open. After you sew turn inside out and stuff with stuff or slide pillow form. Then sew up the gap and you’re done!

I left all the little holes in it. Even though the cotton is peeking out it doesn’t fall out because it is well sewn. Isn’t it charming?

Here’s another one I made even bigger. It’s so comfy!

Happy making!


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Day of the Dead

Every year on the first and second of November is a colorful, festive celebration known as Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead. I particularly love this holiday because of its bright colors, elaborate costumes, and art.
This two day festival originated in Mexico but has spread through much of Latin America and even to the United States. Believed that the dead would be insulted by mourning, this day is dedicated to honoring the dead with lively celebrations, food, music, dancing, etc.

This festival is commonly recognized by calacas and calaveras (skeletons and skulls). These calacas and calaveras are ornately decorated and can be found in many forms such as candies, masks, and dolls.

“Dia de los Muertos recognizes death as a natural part of the human experience, a continuum with birth, childhood, and growing up to become a contributing member of the community. On Dia de los Muertos, the dead are also a part of the community, awakened from their eternal sleep to share celebrations with their loved ones.”

We even have a large celebration here in Birmingham. This is the 13th year for the celebration and is sure to be exciting. It is held on 1st Avenue South and people are welcomed to come and enjoy the festivities and bring a memento of remembrance. You are also welcome to create your own altar in a large Public Alter Tent. To find out more go to their website here.

If you’re like me and can’t enjoy the festivities, here are a few cute ideas to do at home. Simply click on the picture to take you there.

Printable Day of the Dead Skulls via Design is Yay

Colorful Papel Picado via Wild Olive

Printable Skull Wreath via Handmade Charlotte

There is also a blank version of the wreath at Wild Olive if you would like to color it yourself or embroider it!

To make a flower headband (I love an excuse to wear flowers in my hair) look here and here.

This is not really meant as a Dead of the Dead DIY but the girls at A Beautiful Mess posted these today and wouldn’t they be the cutest for a Dia de los Muertos party?!

Have fun celebrating!

Reference: NatGeo